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[dir] Academic-Writing-Tests [dir]
[dir] Cambridge-5-IELTS-Test-1 [dir]
[dir] Cambridge-IELTS-4 [dir]
[dir] Cambridge-IELTS-4a [dir]
[dir] Cambridge-IELTS-5-Test-1 [dir]
[dir] Cambridge-IELTS-5-Test-2 [dir]
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[mp3] Always-have-something-to-say-in-the-IELTS-Speaking-Exam---APT.mp3 11.8 MB
[pdf] Cambridge-ielts6-Answers.pdf 62.3 KB
[mp3] For-the-IELTS-Student-with-Horrible-Handwriting.mp3 23.7 MB
[mp3] Ideas-&-Innovation.mp3 1.4 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Cast-Episode-27---Alisher---Overcoming-IELTS-anxiety.mp3 22.8 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Listening-Skills-Listening-Section-1.mp3 15.8 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Listening-Skills-Listening-Section-2.mp3 14.6 MB
[mp3] IELTS-MC-Part-1.mp3 1.7 MB
[mp3] IELTS-MC-Part-2.mp3 1.7 MB
[mp3] IELTS-MC-Part-3.mp3 1.8 MB
[mp3] IELTS-MC-Part-4.mp3 1.8 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Prep-Practise---Test-2.mp3 26.0 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Prep-Practise---Test-3.mp3 26.0 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Preparation-Description.mp3 3.8 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Tips-arising-from-Candidates-Questions-Pt-1.mp3 12.5 MB
[mp3] IELTS-Tips-arising-from-Candidates-Questions-Pt-2.mp3 14.2 MB
[mp3] Listening-Section-2B.mp3 4.2 MB
[mp3] Listening-Section-3B.mp3 11.8 MB
[mp3] Quick-English-Pronunciation.mp3 30.3 MB
[mp3] Scores-7-&-Above-Does-Not-Recommend-Candidates-Visit-IELTS-Prep-Schools.mp3 23.7 MB
[pdf] Section-2-Listening-B-Answers.pdf 40.2 KB
[pdf] Section-2-Listening-B-Questions.pdf 67.6 KB
[mp3] Spelling-Practise.mp3 1.1 MB
[mp3] Study-Skills.mp3 3.0 MB
[mp3] Tips-For-Writing-a-Discursive-Essay.mp3 2.5 MB
[doc] Unit-8-IELTS-Speaking-Part-2---Recording-Script-(CD-1,-Track-22).doc 25.5 KB
[doc] Unit-11,-IELTS-SPeaking-Test-Part-3---Recording-Script-(CD-2,-Track-3).doc 27.0 KB


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